Course Description

Self Leadership is a course focused on enabling leaders to realise their true potential. Primarily it is about handling the negative self talk and thinking and gaining control over the destructive self. It also provides positive strategies to improve leadership identity, direction, growth and ultimately self mastery.

The course covers these 7 key aspects to Self Leadership:

Self Discovery – A Leadership Insight Diagnostic tool is provided to support this

Self Identity – Understanding driving purpose, values and behaviours as a leader and developing a unique and authentic philosophy as a leader.

Self Development – Understanding your strengths and maximising the value of these, alongside a clear growth plan

Self Direction – Clarifying your vision for the future and understanding how to keep yourself both inspired and motivated

Self Awareness – The importance of ongoing reflection and managing stress in your role

Self Talk – Examining your self beliefs, cognitive biases and having a clear strategy for handling the ongoing negative chatter in your head.

Self Mastery – How to gain control of yourself be empowered, through moving to Cause (in the Cause-Effect equation) and examining your habits

What are the requirements?

  • The students need to do no preparation for this course as an initial assessment will be covered in section 1.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • At the end of the course the students will have a range of strategies and techniques to lead themselves effectively. To stay on top of the negative self talk and thinking and realise the true potential as a leader.

What is the target audience?

  • The target student will be owners of SME or solo businesses + Leaders within SMEs, Public Sector or Corporate organisations.

Leadership Professional

Tony Brooks

Tony is an International Leadership Coach & Trainer, Psychology Academic, Author and Speaker. He has 20 years’ experience as a leader, followed by 10 years growing his own company. Tony has trained and coached 100s of leaders and teams, with a proven track record of delivering significant profitable growth and positive company cultures.He is an accredited member of the International Institute of Coaching, The Positive Psychology Association, Professional Speakers Association and was a 2016 finalist as Entrepreneur in the Chamber of Commerce awards.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Self Leadership

    • 0.Intro

  • 2

    Self Discovery

    • 1.Self Discovery

    • 1.Self Discovery Video and Slides

    • Self Leadership 1 - Leadership Insight Diagnostic

    • Self Leadership 1 - Leadership Insight Diagnostic - Feedback

    • Self Leadership 1 - Leadership Insight Diagnostic - Growth Plan

  • 3

    Self Identity

    • Self Identity

    • Self Identity Video and Slides

    • Self Leadership 2 - Leadership Philosophy

    • Self Leadership 2 - Personal Values and Behaviours

    • Self Leadership 2 - Personal Purpose

  • 4

    Self Development

    • 3. Self Development

    • 3. Self Development Video and Slides

    • Self Leadership 3 - Personal Growth Plan

    • Self Leadership 3 - Personal SWOT

  • 5

    Self Direction

    • 4. Self Direction

    • 4.Self Direction Video and Slides

    • Self Leadership 4 - Aspirational Vision

    • Self Leadership 4 - Inspiration and Motivation

  • 6

    Self Awareness

    • 5.Self_Awareness

    • 5.Self Awareness Video and Slides

    • Self Leadership 5 - Reflection Worksheet

    • Self Leadership 5 - 20 Ways to Raise Awareness and Reduce Your Stress Levels

  • 7

    Self Talk

    • 6.Self_Talk

    • 6.Self Talk Video and Slides

    • Self Leadership 6 - Beliefs

    • Self Leadership 6 - Cognitive Biases

    • Self Leadership 6 - Handling negative thinking

  • 8

    Self Mastery

    • 7.Self_Mastery

    • 7.Self Mastery Video and Slides

    • Self Leadership 7 - Habits

    • Self Leadership 7 - Cause and Effect

  • 9


    • Conclusion

    • Self Leadership - If you need more help